South West Durham Veterans Bowling League 2024

South West Durham Veterans Bowling League

The League is based in County Durham and provides competitions for Clubs over 55's.


League Rules


1.  Players enrolled as members of one club are prohibited from playing for another club without first obtaining permission from the veterans committee.

2.   The League is to consist of 3 rinks of 3 players, each playing 2 woods. All Points are to be played for.

3.  A game shall consist of 21 ends. There are no Trial Ends, The First Two ends will Score One Point Only

4.  The two captains shall toss for choice of jack.

5.  By mutual agreement, the two captains may, BEFORE the game commences, agree to a reduced number of ends (minimum 11)   if the weather is inclement.

6.   Should a game be abandoned due to inclement weather (or by the greenkeepers instructions), then 11 (eleven) ends shall constitute a game.

7.   Should the number of ends completed be unequal on the rinks, the score shall be calculated from the rinks having played the least number of ends (not less than eleven)

8.  The two Captains must BOTH agree to any abandonment.

9.  If less than 11 (eleven) ends have been completed, the fixture shall be rearranged, Rearranged matches can be played on any day of the week but must be completed within One week of the season ending.

10. In the event of inclement weather, the opposing team must be consulted before 12 noon to save wasted travelling and a decision made about playing the game. The Match must be rescheduled within the Season and not at the End of the Season, If the match is not played NO Points will be awarded

11. Scoring                          

2 Points for Each Winning Rink
1 Point for Each Draw
2 Points for the Highest aggregate

12. A late arriving player(s) may only join the game if not more than 5 (five) ends have been completed. The end in play must be completed first. Shots must be deducted by one third, as per rule 19, up to this point.

13. Seven days’ notice shall be given for any re-arranged fixture, unless mutually agreed.

14. In the case of clubs with one or more teams, a player may only play for ONE TEAM in any one week.

15. A player may only skip for one team in the same season.

16. A player leaving one club and joining another during the playing season MAY NOT skip during the remainder of that season.

17. Any player, who attains the age of 55 years before the last date specified in the Leagues Published Fixture List, shall be eligible to play in the Veteran’s League and Competitions provided he is an enrolled club member.


18. A League side may play with a minimum of Six players, each to bowl 3 (three) woods. (Rule 19 to apply)
This rule is to allow for unfortunate circumstances and if Clubs continually play less than 9 players, they will have their matches suspended and byes will issue.

19. Any rink playing two players shall have their shots reduced by one-one third. Fractions to be shown on the score card, and to count. In the event of two persons playing each other on the same rink, then both shall deduct shots.

20. Holidays ARE NOT a valid excuse to postpone a game.

21. All points to be played for. A league game cannot be conceded, if a match is not played NO Points Will be awarded.

22. Captains are responsible for checking that all names are correctly entered on the score card.  The HOME TEAM is responsible for reporting the result to the League Secretary by E-Mail.

23. Failure to comply with any rule may result in TWO PENALTY points being deducted from their League
Table Points, at the discretion of the League Committee.

24. All League Matches shall be played on a Wednesday inclusive and shall not start earlier than 1400 hours unless agreed by the two Captains. Competition Matches will be played by the dates set in the Competition and at a time that both clubs agree upon. If a Wednesday match cannot be played, both clubs should agree an alternative date with in the season and inform the secretary who has the final decision.

25. Should a player or players have to leave the green to deal with personal issues, then rule 19 will apply from that point in the match.

26. in the unlikely event of two players having to leave the same rink at the same time,
(a)  If 11 ends have been completed, then that score shall stand as a completed game.
(b) If less than 11 ends have been completed, the League result hall be determined by the remaining two rinks, and each winning rink to score 3 (three) points plus two for the aggregate, points re shared in the event of a draw.

27. The latest Bowls England rules shall apply to all games.

28. In the event of a tie in the League positions, the final placing to be decided by the shot difference.

29. Two teams from Divisions II with the highest points shall be promoted to Divisions I

30. Two teams from Divisions I with lowest points shall be relegated to Divisions II.


31. New team(s) must apply for membership   at the AGM.  In the event of team resigning, then promotion and or relegation shall be varied to suit the circumstance.

32. Should a team resign during the playing season then all points and shots relating to that team’s fixtures shall be void and deducted.

33. ALL TROPHIES will be presented at the AGM.  A token presentation may be made on the green in the case of the KO's.  The league secretary to organise the return of all trophies as there is no longer a triples day.