South West Durham Veterans Bowling League 2024

South West Durham Veterans Bowling League

The League is based in County Durham and provides competitions for Clubs over 55's.




Division Two Fixtures 2024


Date Home Pts Shs V Away Pts Shs
24/4/2024 Addison Park     V Lanchester B    
Consett B 4 52 V Cockton Hill 4 54
Durham City 2 47 V Shildon Town 6 51.5
Fishburn 0 32.33 V Belmont 8 55
Lanchester A 6 68 V Sherburn B 2 57
1/5/2024 Addison Park     V Durham City    
Belmont 4 50 V Lanchester A 4 48
Lanchester B 6 56 V Fishburn 2 44
Sherburn B 8 80 V Consett B 0 35
Shildon Town 3 46 V Cockton Hill 5 62
8/5/2024 Cockton Hill 3 48 V Lanchester B 5 53
Consett B 6 54 V Shildon Town 2 46.33
Durham City 2 48 V Belmont 6 65
Fishburn 4 43 V Sherburn B 4 47
Lanchester A     V Addison Park    
15/5/2024 Belmont 6 54 V Cockton Hill 2 41
Durham City 1 38 V Lanchester A 7 54
Lanchester B 6 55 V Consett B 2 38
Sherburn B     V Addison Park    
Shildon Town 4 54 V Fishburn 4 45.33
22/5/2024 Cockton Hill     V Addison Park    
Consett B     V Belmont    
Fishburn     V Durham City    
Lanchester B     V Sherburn B    
Shildon Town     V Lanchester A    
29/5/2024 Team KO
5/6/2024 Bye     V Fishburn    
Belmont     V Shildon Town    
Consett B     V Lanchester A    
Sherburn B     V Cockton Hill    
Lanchester B     V Durham City    
12/6/2024 Belmont     V Lanchester B    
Durham City     V Sherburn B    
Fishburn     V Consett B    
Lanchester A     V Cockton Hill    
Shildon Town     V Bye    
19/6/2024 Bye     V Belmont    
Cockton hill     V Fishburn    
Consett B     V Durham City    
Sherburn B     V Shildon Town    
Lanchester B     V Lanchester A    
26/6/2024 Cockton hill     V Durham City    
Consett B     V Bye    
Lanchester A     V Fishburn    
Sherburn B     V Belmont    
Shildon Town     V Lanchester B    
3/7/2024 Belmont     V Fishburn    
Cockton hill     V Consett B    
Lanchester B     V      
Sherburn B     V Lanchester A    
Shildon Town     V Durham City    
10/7/2024 Cockton hill     V Shildon Town    
Consett B     V Sherburn B    
Durham City     V Bye    
Fishburn     V Lanchester B    
Lanchester A     V Belmont    
17/7/2024 Bye     V Lanchester A    
Belmont     V Durham City    
Lanchester B     V Cockton Hill    
Sherburn B     V Fishburn    
Shildon Town     V Consett B    
24/7/2024 Bye     V Sherburn B    
Cockton hill     V Belmont    
Consett B     V Lanchester B    
Fishburn     V Shildon Town    
Lanchester A     V Durham City    
31/7/2024 Bye     V Cockton Hill    
Belmont     V Consett B    
Durham City     V Fishburn    
Lanchester A     V Shildon Town    
Sherburn B     V Lanchester B    
7/8/2024 Cockton hill     V Sherburn B    
Durham City     V Lanchester B    
Fishburn     V Bye    
Lanchester A     V Consett B    
Shildon Town     V Belmont    
14/8/2024 Bye     V Shildon Town    
Cockton hill     V Lanchester A    
Consett B     V Fishburn    
Lanchester B     V Belmont    
Sherburn B     V Durham City    
21/8/2024 Belmont     V Bye    
Durham City     V Consett B    
Fishburn     V Cockton Hill    
Lanchester A     V Lanchester B    
Shildon Town     V Sherburn B    
28/8/2024 Bye     V Consett B    
Belmont     V Sherburn B    
Durham City     V Cockton Hill    
Fishburn     V Lanchester A    
Lanchester B     V Shildon Town